1996 Kentucky Trailer for sale in Kansas City Missouri

Hey Everyone. I have outdoor storage for all kinds of uses. From material and equipment storage on a construction site to extra outdoor storage on your farm or home. I also have storage solutions for your business. Call me today and find out how easy it is for add 3000 feet of on site extra storage space to your "Done List" for as low as $99 a month. We can also drop off a unit to your address. You call us when it's full and we store it for you on our secured storage facility. Then we can deliver it back to your home or business any time you want it. Call me or Todd over at USTrailer.com Here's my direct line. 816-479-4881 Most common answers from people who message me: These units are semi trailers with wheels. From 28ft to 53ft length From $99 to $199 a month rental
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