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Once you have found the vehicle you want to buy, you will need to properly title, register, and plate it. It is best if you and the seller come together to Houston Texans Auto Title Service office to complete the title transfer. If not, then before leaving with the vehicle make sure: • The seller gives you the title. Making changes on a title, such as crossing out a name, invalidates it. Copies are also not acceptable. The seller must complete the seller's portion of the title assignment, including the odometer disclosure statement, and sign it. • There is no outstanding loan against the vehicle. A title cannot be transferred until the vehicle loan is fully paid. A representative from the bank or financial institution that administered the loan must either have signed the title or provided the owner with a lien termination statement. • The odometer reading entered by the seller and vehicle identification number (VIN) on the title match the vehicle's odometer reading and VIN. If you do not have a license plate to drive a newly purchased vehicle directly home carry the assigned title and proof of insurance with you. Never use a plate from another vehicle as a substitute. If the seller does not have a title be sure to obtain a signed bill of sale with the vehicle details (year, make, model and VIN {vehicle identification number}) so you can carry it with you as you drive. If you do not complete the title transfer with the seller, you have 30 days from the date of sale to transfer the title into your name to avoid a $25 late fee. A use tax (vehicle sales tax) and title transfer fee will be due as well when you transfer the title into your name. To transfer the vehicle title into your name you will need to do the following: • Bring the assigned vehicle title/bill of sale if you do not have the title. • If more than one person is listed on the title as the new owners, all must appear to sign the title application. If an owner cannot appear, they may appoint an agent to sign the application on their behalf by completing a power of attorney form (vtr-271) o NOTE: An owner completing a power of attorney form must provide a photocopy of their valid drivers license or state ID card to the person they appoint as their agent. This photocopy will be required at the office. • All owners must bring identification. • You may transfer a license plate from the purchased vehicle to your name or we can order a replacement plate. If you need to buy a plate,several attractive options are offered. Disability ,personalized plates , military and classic or antique plates are also available. • Proof of Texas liability insurance. You must have Texas liability insurance to register a vehicle in Texas. Only certain Out-of-state policies are accepted so be sure to inquire before you come to the office if you have an out of state insurance policy. (Motorcycles must also be insured at the time of the title transfer.) Texans Auto Title Service office will issue you registration and license plates within 24 to 48 hrs of processing your title transfer paperwork and if it is a bonded title we will have the work completed within 3 to 4 business days. The office is located at 2855 Mangum rd ste 104, Houston, TX 77092 to service your vehicle title transfer needs. You can contact us at 281-901-7909 or 713-981-6388.
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