Metal and appliance pick up &removal in local area.,..

Free appliance removal ,anything metal, trampolines metal swimming pools ,metal patio furniture metal bathtubs furnaces,old central air units& window ac unit , dehumidifiers microwaves air compressor,s,water heaters,metal utility sheds,metal roofing , awnings,gas grills ,riding mowers ,metal fencing , electrical wire,copper pipe,steel pipe,metal shelves,car jacks, vehicle rotors or caliper s, treadmill s and exercise equipment bicycle s, old motorcycle parts and frames,go carts ,atv s, wheelchairs, hospital beds, aluminum ball bats, basketball goals, metal weights and weight benches aluminum siding & gutters...metal car parts of any type batteries, aluminum cans....You may also ,drop off metal at my place ,just notify me at: (812-946-9643), & I will give you easy directions to my location....thanks i really do, appreciate it....!
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