812-557-1171 call please This is an adorable long haired pure black 8 month old black kitten named Bro. He needs a good home. He is fun and loves to play he fetches his little fuzzy ball and brings it back to you. The reason we are having to give him away is because he does not get along with our other cat Mama. She runs the house. We have tried for several months but to no avail. Bro gets along with other animals and loves children and doesn't bite at you or scratch at you. He is one of the first cats I have ever seen that loves his belly being rubbed he even puts his arms/paws in the air while you rub his stomach so that you can get under his arms. LOL. Please he must go to a home where there will be no mistreatment of him. Someone that simply loves cats. He snuggles up next to you. He is a verbal cat. I am sending with you his favorite ball. His laser light it is one that does not have to be held it sits on a flat surface and does the job. A kitty litter box. And other odds and ends for him. It is breaking my heart to see him go. If for any reason you feel he is not a match for you I will take him back to find another suitable home. Please don't just chuck him. He is precious. There isn't a price I can put on him. He is priceless as you will see. Please call me at 812-557-1171 Karen Please call rather than email. I usually don't check my email.
Updated 12-Sep-2013
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