Do you have to have the desire to create a better life with more freedom and more dreams coming true? No special skills, talents, education or abilities are required Live your Dream, earn real lifetime residual income and unlock some of the most unique and rewarding incentives for your hard work. Creating additional income for yourself and helping friends and family do the same is an empowering and life-changing behavior. Amare is creating a platform consisting of natural mental wellness products, programs, education, and technology to provide holistic and natural solutions to help people optimize their mental wellness and stress resiliency. Through this platform, we believe we can impact millions of people to live happier and healthier lives filled with passion and meaning. Timing Is Everything: Over the next 10-20 years there will be no bigger focus in the Natural Nutrition or Pharmaceutical Industries, than brain health and mental wellness. “Amare” means “to love”. And love is the universal language. As an Independent Distributor, you will be positioned to take advantage of this opportunity and to build a profitable business. You will be empowered with a website and back-office that includes training tools, videos, marketing, samples, phone App, auto-res ponder, email templates, PDFs and much more. You can also view your commissions, conference calls, and events just to mention a few! The Amare Global Compensation Plan provides an authentic opportunity for you to earn significant residual income and participate in unique bonuses as compensation. As you advance through the ranks, your income will increase and so will your opportunities to mentor other people and help them do the same. We have everything you need to succeed : Text or email friends a link to your personalized online website with our mobile app customized social media posts to share Learn how to be an entrepreneur by viewing our training videos Benefits such as the "Me and Three" Bonus. This bonus pays you $135 to $385 per month on top of all other commissions! You can earn this bonus every month right from the start. In addition, you will earn approximately $115 in your regular commissions for a total of $500 per month! This is a small group to be earning this much income. Most other distributorships you would need 3 to 5 times more people to earn the same income!!! To continue on up to $5000= per month, repeat the same process, bring guests to live Amare conference calls to accelerate your income and reach your goals. BUILD SUCCESS WITH THE LAUNCH PACK “The level of success you achieve will be in direct proportion to the depth of your commitment.” -Roy T. Bennett Wellness Partners who enroll with a Launch Pack: • Enroll 2x as many accounts • Earn 4x more commissions • Have 5x larger organizations • Are 3x more likely to achieve the rank of Bronze or above • Send 2x as many samples 22 Total Products! - Includes ALL 18 Amare Products 30 Total Samples - Includes 10 Sample Brochures Enrollment Fee Waived Get the Launch Pack for outstanding value with everything you need to jump start your business! The Strong Start for Your Amare Business! 22 Total Products! - Includes ALL 18 Amare Products 30 Total Samples - Includes 10 Sample Brochures Enrollment Fee Waived Launch Pack Price: $749.95 (525 PV) Total Savings: Product Savings: $248.95 Enrollment Savings: $69.95 Sample Savings: $129.80 $448.70 Retail Value: $1,340.00 Wholesale Value: $998.90 SAVE $448.70 Please watch these videos and I think you will agree that this is an amazing opportunity! http://ltl.is/HvRx3 http://ltl.is/CcTRv http://ltl.is/D9mCP To get started with the Professional Launch Pack package go to https://myamareglobal.com/25599 and click on "Join" Contact me if you need further information Have an Extraordary Day!!! Christine Schimanski 928-639-2683