Giant bag of bone dry bark, enough for a whole year of starting fires. Most Ash and Maple. Bag is bigger than a 55 gallon barrel and stored in a barn. Heavy and packed pretty tight.
I will deliver 2 face cord of oak , walnut and hickory, all cut at or near 16 inches long and split to normal size pieces. 2 years seasoned logs chunks.No round wood all split and no rot.
Besides all the rust, this truck is solid. I have an antique business so it regularly drove long distance highway miles for the last three years without any issues. New battery, heat works, 4x4 works, and only 98,877 miles on this motor. The original owner was a mechanic and he replaced the original motor at 160,000 miles So the odometer reads 258,877. If I were to keep it, Id put new tires on ...