Solid wood microwave stand, with cabinet below (two doors) and drawer for flatware and/or other utensils. The wood is a light color, not dark. Very good shape, sturdy, nice drawer ... this is where I currently keep all of my silverware. The ONLY reason I am selling it is because I just installed a dishwasher next to it and the door won't open for the dishwasher with this cabinet in the way! LOL The dimensions are approx 27" wide, 17" deep (from back wall), and 34" high. I am looking to sell this to the first buyer at the end of June when I am back in town, but please message me now to work out the details. Folks, this is a really good deal at only $50 ... I have been looking around for a replacement and the prices are between $300 and $500 ... the new one I just bought (with a 15" depth) is $525, so ONLY $50 is a steal! :) tom