Siemens Motion 101P+ XCL Digital Hearing Aid

See this aid, and /or buy it safely and securely here: This aid is in excellent condition, and has been used for approximately one year. It has the rocker VC for volume adjust, and the push button switch for program changing. New online for over 1500.00 It is gray in color, and has the standard ear hook for use with your ear mold. It can also be fit with a thin tube and dome for open fitting style. This aid can be adjusted to your hearing loss before shipping, and then re-adjusted by your local dealer. Motion Xcel - The right solution for those with an active lifestyle. The Motion BTE has convenient on-board controls and is rechargeable. This BTE comes in a variety of sizes, Motion BTEs and CICs covering losses from mild to severe. The Motion can be used with a Life Tube and open ear dome for a more mild loss or a traditional earhook with a fitted earmold when more power is needed. It is also available in all custom sizes, CIC, ITC, ITE. The new generation of BestSound technology; XCEL is availabe in all levels. Features Include: •BestSound Technology with XCEL •FeedbackStopper •Soft Level Directivity •SoundSmoothing •Advanced Speech & Noise Management •Rocker Switch for Volume or Programming Changes