Hearing Aids Phonak Audeo Smart III

These aids are in great condition both physically and how they operate. The dates lead me to think they are about 3 years old or so. They have been set to fit a moderate high toned hearing loss, and are outfitted with small hard shelled casings to ensure a proper fit. A standard open ear fitting can be achieved by a licensed Phonak dealer. These aids are a great fit for someone who just needs to hear better, but can't spend thousands on this kind of technology. Audéo SMART III has 2 automatic programs in the SoundFlow Standard (calm and speech in noise). There are also 2 Easy Programs (EasyBluetooth and EasyAudio) that are activated when the iCom is grouped with the Audéo SMART III. In addition, there are 2 additional programs and a Mute program that can be accessed through the MyPilot Remote Control or the TacTronic switch on the hearing instrument. SoundFlow Standard
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