BEWARE - Joyce Crider - YORKIES

CUTE & CUDDLY PUPPIES IS A PUPPY MILL JOYCE CRIDER & CARIE CAMPBELL WILL SELL YOU A SICK DOG AND STEAL YOUR HARD WORKING MONEY - Please Beware. P.O. Box 297, She will NOT let you come to her home or give her home address to see where the puppies live. She lives in Vienna Mo 65582 but she wouldn't let me come to her house or see sire and dam because they just had puppies, I met her at a McDonalds in St.James Mo and I fell in love with a female tea cup Yorkie the minute I saw her. She was very nice to me and not rude at all. I had bought the puppy on 8-1-13 around 8:30 pm, and didn't get home till around 10 pm. The next day she wasn't playful, she seemed sad maybe from not being around her brothers or sisters, I wasn't sure. She didnt eat, I made sure she had all the food and water she wanted. Later that night she wasn't a puppy, she was not doing anything, I went to a 24 hour animal hospital to see what was wrong and they said she was having seizures and was in a coma, there wasn't much they could do to save her and said it wasn't my fault at all that she had to be put asleep but that she would be out of pain, The vet said the owner knew this puppy was sick and she had a very ill virus. I was absolutely heartbroken, I did NOT want my money back, I wanted a healthy Yorkie. I called the breeder and told her what happened and she spoke with the vet and told me to send her the paperwork to show proof and I did. On Monday I called her and she said she is going to give me another dog for free of charge as a replacement to the one that passed away and I got super excited, she said she couldn't get a appointment with her vet until Friday and I said okay thats fine. That Friday I called her to see if we are meeting and she said NO and I asked her why, she said you arent getting another dog, I was so shocked this lady had lied to me and got my hopes up. She said she had been breeding all dogs for 20 YEARS and if she was true dog lover I'd think she would make this right, but no she scammed me out of my money and made me go through a horrible situation and was very rude on the phone and calling me names. I told her I will take her to court and she said "you wont win". She is a 50 year old women and acts like a child and I dont want anyone else to purchase a dog from her because she posts on other websites. She registers with ACA, AKC is the BEST only buy dogs with AKC papers. Her email is sav_rose1@yahoo.com and her phone numbers are 1-573-578-9543 and 1-573-578-8979. She does not text. She is selling other dogs and scamming other people for there hard working money. http://stlouis.backpage.com/PetsForSale/375-aca-yorkie-puppies/11926602 http://imperial-mo.claz.org/classifieds/for-sale/animals-pets?q=craigslist+573-578-9543
Updated 27-Aug-2013
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