Save TREES fight Climate Change with BEYOND Plant Amendment™ Earth friendly - treat plants & trees

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NASA sponsored solution SAVES large TREES and More! - Fight Climate Change with BEYOND - USDA Forest Service tested - natural biological fortifier - Organic earth friendly solution Mix BEYOND with water - apply to soil. This stuff really works! HURRY add a few drops to soil now! PROVEN to invigorate and increase GERRMINATION, GROWTH & YEILDS ** Fortify TREES LAWNS FLOWERS VEGETABLES FRUITS GRAINS LEGUMES FIBERS from environmental stresses and loss ** Local Dealer/Applicator: Erickson Tree Moving Buhler, KS TEL (620) 543-2587 Treats: 1 acre (OVER 90 LARGE TREES) Order: BEYOND just $49.99 (16 fl. oz. / 473ml bottle with dropper) ORDER ONLINE: Tel 970 532-3554 visit Testimony -- landowners landscapers nurserymen arborists garden centers universities NASA USDA --
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