Adopt Cricket

I have a 3 year old chihuahua. She is black and tan. Cricket is a extremely loving dog. If you do not like a dog to follow you through the house, she is not for you. She is very lazy most of the time. Being under a blanket at all times is her favorite, she absolutely loves to cuddle. At night she sleeps under the cover in the bed. I have a 3 year old little girl and she does good with her. Although she does not like to be pulled or tugged on. One of her best qualities is that she is an amazing watch dog, nothing will get by without her knowing about it. Cricket is a very affectionate dog. She also gets along with other dogs but loves cats. When she has a cat to play with they are like milo and otis. She is house broken as well. For fun she loves to play with a stuffed animal or throw a ball. She is an all around good dog I just can't give her the attention she deserves anymore. So sadly I have decided to give her to someone whom can show her the love and attention she deserves. If what I have described is a dog you could love please feel free to contact me.
Updated 10-Dec-2012
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