Piano Detailing - Grands and Upright - KEYARTS HOUSTON

PIANO DETAILING: Grand pianos AND Uprights pianos collect dirt, dust, pollen, and all types of allergins, viruses, spider webs, mouse droppings and more. We will clean your piano just like new. We clean, polish, repair scratches and dings, polish brass, buff brass casters. For very high gloss pianos we can polish back to new as possible using 3M Handglaze machine polished. This polish will bring back a high gloss finish and most light scratches will be removed. We also clean the Belly of the piano: (soundboard, strings, dampers tuning pins area). The pianos and actions are cleaned with brushes and compressor air outdoors only. NOTE: All pianos are cleaned outdoors for your safety and ours. Removal of material may contain the possibility of air-borne contaminates that can cause respiratory health problems. We wear masks for this work. HOUSTON TEXAS AREA ONLY 979-292-8268 Call for prices: Varies from about $200 up. - YOU CAN HAVE YOUR GRAND PIANO OR VERTICAL PIANO ALMOST NEW -