A QUICK START: 3-Day Crash Course in Buy & Hold REI

Learn why Buy and Hold Real Estate Is the Ultimate Investment Strategy! Join our 3-Day Crash Course! Reserve your slots now! “QUICK START” is a 3-day real estate investment unlike any other. The 713 REIA has a long track record of giving educational events that over deliver, and this event will be no different! Our mission is to give you everything you need to start building (or increase) your real estate portfolio and get you closer to achieving financial freedom! Whether you are buying your first house or adding to your collection, we have something for you! YOU WILL LEARN FROM SEASONED INVESTORS RAY SASSER AND LANDON ROTHSTEIN. RAY HAS BEEN INVESTING FOR 36 YEARS AND HAS BEEN COMPLETED OVER 1000 DEALS. LANDON HAS BEEN INVESTING FOR A DECADE, THE THREE MOST RECENT OF THOSE YEARS HAS BEEN FULL TIME AND HAS DONE OVER 250 DEALS IN RECORD TIME. What You Will Learn: • MARKETING We’ll show you the same methods we use to find our incredible deals! • ANALYZING THE DEAL Do you know if it’s really a deal or not? We’ll teach you how to properly determine if the ‘deal’ is a deal. Quickly and easily estimate repairs! • DEAL STRUCTURING If you are out there wheeling and dealing, you’ve got to be able to talk business and put transactions together. You will be comfortable with all the business and legal talk that comes with real estate after this weekend. You’ll learn how to get deals under contract that your competition will pass on! • HOW TO TAKE NEGOTIATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL It’s said that good deals are found, great deals are made. Ray Sasser calls negotiations “managing outcomes” and he will show you how to negotiate with the best of them. • HOW TO GET FUNDING & PRIVATE LENDERS A misconception about real estate (and business in general) is that you need a lot of money to buy a house, or need to qualify for a mortgage. The reality is that is simply not true. We can connect you with the right people and strategies for you to buy investment property no matter your financial situation. • EXIT STRATEGIES It’s said that good deals are found, great deals are made. Ray Sasser calls negotiations “managing outcomes” and he will show you how to negotiate with the best of them. • WHOLESALING Need to make big money, fast? Well, the best way to do that is by wholesaling! Ray and Landon run a very active wholesaling class that is held every week so they’ve become experts and will share their wholesaling techniques with you. • REHABING/FLIPPING Want to make even bigger money than wholesaling? Try flipping! You’ll learn from the master, Ray Sasser, who has done over 1000 rehabs! • RENTALS/LANDLORDING This is where it gets exciting. Rentals (buy & hold) are one of the best ways to have true passive income, also known as “mailbox money.” This is where you make money every month no matter you are in the world! • OWNER FINANCE Want to buy & hold without having to deal with tenants? Landon has been doing owner finance very successfully for the past three years, holds many notes that he created and has learned quite a bit along the way. Yes, rentals are a great way to achieve real wealth but imagine getting checks every month without any of the hassle of being a landlord. • VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS We will show you how to maximize your time and hire workers for less than half what you would pay someone in the US! Nobody teaching in Houston has more buy and hold single family properties & notes than Ray and Landon, come learn from the best! Think about getting an extra $500/month per house! Now, how many houses would YOU need for it to change YOUR LIFE? Cost; $297/person For more info: email landon@sellerfinanceme.com or call 281-852-7777 Meetup: www.meetup.com/713-Houston-Area-Real-Estate-Investor-Network/events/257241970/ Website: www.713reia.com ---------------------------------------------- Look at this AWESOME new product that 713 REIA /Mentoring has exclusively - Deal Machine! You take a picture of the vacant house, then send the owner a picture of his own house with "I BUY HOUSES" on the back! It's the coolest marketing idea I've seen in a long time! https://dealmachine.app.link/landon Join the largest RE investment group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1550585535178008/ ----------------------------------------------- * Visit us at the Lone Star Expo on 1/26/19! http://lonestarexpo.com/ 713 will have a booth and we will be speaking! ----------------------- Check out our Sponsors: https://www.713reia.com/sponsors/ Website http://www.meetup.com/713-Houston-Area-Real-Estate-Investor-Network/events/257241970