Specialist I, Talent Acquisition

TeleTech requires all employees hired in the United States to successfully pass a background check and drug test as a condition of employment. Talent Acquisition Specialist I The Talent Acquisition Specialist I (TAS I) is responsible for the hiring process at a Service Delivery Center. He/she works closely with site TA team to coordinate recruiting efforts as needed. Works to ensure hiring goals are met by providing a professional hiring experience to candidates. This may include assistance in completing reference checks, background checks, drug tests, screening resumes and applications scheduling onsite interviews, and completing paper work for each individual hire. While TAS I functions as part of the Talent Acquisition team, he/she is responsible for aggressive individual recruiting goals which are monitored constantly. TAS I must be able to quickly adapt plans and shift directions in order to meet changing client requirements. Key Performance Objectives 1. Achieve 100% of assigned agent recruiting targets. TAS I are given daily, weekly, and monthly recruiting tasks associated with each client ramp, which must be met on time They provide assistance with preparing recruitment reports as well as all weekly/monthly recruiting reports. (Time management, efficiency, urgency, accountability) 2. Learn key business objectives, timeframes, legal issues, and requirements associated with each new client. Maintain a high level of knowledge of Talent Acquisition policies and procedures. TAS I quickly learn TeleTech's talent acquisition policies and procedures for screening, interviewing, and processing candidates on behalf of each new client and adapt quickly to any changes in the process. Understand the requirements for each client while strictly adhering to TeleTech's hiring policies. (Attention to detail and process, legal implications, customer service) 3. Understand candidate selection process. TAS I are responsible for administration of the candidate process for all open associate positions including but not limited to: greeting of applicants, reviewing applications, input data into Applicant Tracking System (Taleo), administering testing materials, assist with Taleo data entry ( assessment scores, decline candidates, send assessment e-mails and other correspondence). Know and understand the Realistic Job Preview (RJP). Have knowledge of RJP usage in the hiring process. Ensure all candidates receive the RJP before an offer is extended. Provide administrative support to the Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Talent Acquisition Manager, and other TA team members, as required. (Strong communication skills - verbal and written, total process understanding, detailed-oriented, focus, team work) 4. Understand the key success metrics associated with hiring goals. These include: • Cost per Hire (goals will vary by business unit) • New Hire First Day No Call No Show percentage • Hiring timeline and time to fill open positions • Meeting client hiring requirements (varies based on client and ramp) • 60-day attrition rate for new hires TAS I should be constantly looking for opportunities to improve the current process and communicate their ideas to their TA Manager regularly. While they are responsible for sharing ideas, they must not make ad hoc changes to the process without approval from the broader TeleTech TA team. (Observation, innovation, creativity) 5. Support TeleTech's Employee Referral Program (Linkup). All TAS I are responsible for encouraging employees to recommend friends and colleagues for positions at TeleTech. This might include walking the floors and engaging with high-quality employees to solicit referrals. (Influence, persuasion) 6. Ensure a positive experience for every candidate. TAS I maintain a positive, respectful, and caring attitude with all candidates - even those that will not be offered a position at TeleTech. (Friendly, helpful, positive demeanor, respect...
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