selling broken xbox 360s for parts or repairs

2 of which have red ringed and I do not know how to repair and 1 that needs the disc tray fixed I switched it but aparrently if do tht u need to switch the logic board as well still have the. Original disc tray for it as well I am also trying to get rid of a morotola back flip with a cracked screen tht does not damage the lcd part and an original nintendo with some minor issues I'm not looking for much ill let it all go cheap if your just lookin to make a dollar on it if your interested call or text me for more information my name is brandon u can contact me at 12704984652 xboxs also come with a controller lookin for mayb 70 obo will do for it all! like I said I'm not lookin for much so I can help us both make a buck
Updated 7-Mar-2013
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