Toyota tacoma unichip power performer system used , 2005-2011

This is by far the best power chip piggy back system for just about any vehicle and has the best support you can imagine . please research the unichip Q company This unit is complete and will accommodate the turbo , supercharged , and and other mod you can imagine you have done to your tacoma . I have enjoyed this in my 2008 double cab for a period of 2 years and it can adjust everything , even eliminate the speed limited option but needs to go back to the manufacturer on the west coast . Really helpful people and will squeeze every drop of power out of a stock truck to a modified Supercharged and turbo charger truck , They will even write a program to fit your needs for a small price ,Comes complete . with programs cable and you can adjust for octane rating , gas milage , air filter system or exaust , I have owned hyper tech units and bully dog and this is by far the absolute super unit , I removed this from my truck and will be buying a new truck and shortly after that buying the unichip for that model vehicle . Please text me with your initial response and ill call you back , i have a tight schedule at work so its more efficient . Please no scammers I do NOT take Paypal at all . I would be happy speak and expand on the possibilities of this unit and share a story you will be sure to tell your friends involving this unit on my truck . 7863062284 , Thnk you Frank
Updated 23-Feb-2015
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