17 games 5 controllers 2 guitars memory card and bag.
I got a rockford fosgate t2 15 inch subwoofer with box I'm selling it for 300 dollars my number is on here so if you wanna get ahold of me to find out more about call me at 1517-320-3801
I got a rockford fosgate t2 15 inch sub woofer and I'm selling the box with it there's a little coil rub or the box Is to small one of the two but I'm 98% sure it's a little coil rub but other than than that nothing is wrong with it it's a 500 dollar subwoofer and the box is 200 so ur getting a really good deal my number is 1517-320-3801 I live in hillsdale michigan get ahold of me if your inte...
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