"M Wear" brand, solid rubber, totally waterproof, slip in your own insoles. Barely worn, tread like new.
Free rooster to good home. Very handsome. Approximately 1 year old. Needs a flock of his own. Please call 503-640-1454.
Clothes include hand made and store bought v-neck tops, pullovers, pants, very nice scarves. Fabric is small pieces of weave and knits, faux fur, denim, cotton, acrylic, suede-look. Also a Turkish blanket, hand made curtains, and an old quilt.
Most of these, I grew myself several years ago. Never got around to using them, come take them and make wonderful things! (as is typical with craft gourds, they have some mold that will need sanding off.)
I've re-used some of this stuff several times, it should be good for a few more summers. The application spray helps, you'll also want a squeegee (not offered)
Restonic Healthreast maxima, "bamboo" The foam is in good shape, some slight stains on the pillow top, the box springs a little worn. (I also have a headboard if you like, but no frame)
Two excellent (just dirty) green plastic Adirondack chairs from Home Depot at the Orenco Garden Apartments dumpster on Alder Street between NE Caden Ave and NE 62nd Ave. Hurry before trash pickup.
1 have 4- 6' length PVC pipes to give away. 3 of them are spray painted copper on the top 1/3 and have a couple small holes drilled in them at one end. The vinyl blinds are from large bedroom windows and the white vinyl could be used easily as material for a project. I hate to put it all in the trash! I drive out to Hillsboro each Wednesday if someone wants to met me out that way.
We have quite a lot of collapsible boxes from our recent move. Most are medium sized, but some are large. We also have a number of bankers' boxes. You can have as many or as few as you want.
These plastic beakers (vases) are available from a workplace tht is disposing of a whole bin of them for some reason. Sturdy, practical...9.5 " high and 4.5 inches inside diameter. Someone can use these!!
Tan leather ottoman in fair shape. No tears, but there are some scratches from a dog jumping up on it in years past. (Bad dog!). Very cushy and comfortable for sitting or putting your feet up.
6+ cubic yards of various sized basalt landscaping rock. Bring your own truck and load them yourself (I'll help if available). There are two more smaller piles than the one shown in the photograph.
We have several gently used toys that we would love to donate to an organization or family in need.