The New OEM OPTIMIZER 6500 AM General Turbo-Charged 6.5L DIESEL LONG BLOCK NEW 1992 TO 2012 New Block New Heads Oil pump Valve covers Front cover Oil pan Harmonic Balancer We are offering VERY LOW PRICE & SPECIAL DEALS ON any purchase WITH US ENGINES. We can supply you with a long block, our long block comes with cylinder heads, valve cover, timing cover and a Harmonic Balancer and it also includes gaskets. It's for $2,795. This is a Remanufactured engine. We also sell complete drop in engine starting at $4,750.00 **ALL THE ENGINES ARE ASSEMBLED WITH OEM ORIGINAL PARTS** http://www.65engine.com/ http://www.65engineparts.com Special Price on Direct Calling 1-516-719-0300
Updated 9-Jul-2014
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