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"GRANITE KITCHEN DESIGN" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English & Spanish 24 HR / 7 DAY (We Are Here For You) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 954-446-4187........786-426-7035 EVERY WHERE IN USA. Send us a Plan We Quote your Kitchen -Take a Pic of the Plan & Text Us or Email. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLUS THE Coupon- Great Deals. Check Our MENU ARE: ******Visit Our Website:********* 1)- FABRICATING COSTUME CABINETS & DOORS AT $ 7 TO $12 BY LINEAL INCHES 2)- COUNTER TOP IN GRANITE STONE-AT $19 S.F TO $24 SQ.FT BY STANDARD 3)-EXOTIC-FASHION GRANITE COUNTER TOP AT $ 28 S.F TO $ 42 SQ.FT EXOTIC 4)- COUNTER TOP IN GRANITE QUARTZ - $28 S.F TO $42 BY SQ.FT 5)- FORMICA COUNTER TOP IN PLYWOOD $8 TO & $12-BY-SQ.FT 6)- Restoring-Your Counter Top Granite Every Two Months, Polished & Seals $ 80 Dollar.****** 7) Reface Sing your Cabinet door, Color, Countertop. Watch Video: Scroll Down For More INFO Videos and Details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW WE MEASURE YOUR KITCHEN CABINET ? 1- Take a Tape Measure And Measure Top Cabinet Where Cabinet Begins Wall to Wall Subtract Minus Anything is Not Cabinet Any Empty Space. 2 - Base Cabinet Where Cabinet Begins Wall to Wall Subtract Minus Anything Is Not Cabinet Any Empty Space Like Oven, Refrigerators, Dishwasher. ADD ALL TOP & BASE Cabinet: Total Inches. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE ARE DIRECT FACTORY AND WE ADVERTISED ON FLYER RESIDENTIAL & SUN-SENTINEL WE SPEND MORE ***THAN 3000 DOLLAR MONTH IN ADS THANKS TO CRAIGSLIST IS FREE THESE ARE OUR REAL PICTURES FROM THE JOB PRODUCED BY OUR FACTORY FAMILY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -------------------------------------------------- HOW WE PROJECT? WHEN YOU CALL US WE WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU MAY HAVE & WE'LL ASK FOR YOUR NAME AND BEST PHONE NUMBER WE CAN REACH YOU. 2- OUR PRIORITY ARE : TO GIVE YOU FREE ESTIMATE AT NO COST, NO OBLIGATION TO ASK, IF YOU DO WE OFFER A GREAT FIRST VISIT DISCOUNTED PRICE AS YOUR BUDGET. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We want to hear from you. gives us a Call Or Visit US *~*~*This Is Not Scam. 100% secured - PLEASE WE BEGGED YOU TO VISIT US. *~*~*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOMIZED KITCHEN CABINETS,VANITIES, BARS. Watch Video: -MODERN-, - CLASSIC-,-TRADITIONAL- , -KITCHEN CABINETS DESIGN-. ***** Watch video: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSTUME CABINETS AND REAL WOOD DOORS ************ Watch Video: ******** -------------------------------------------------- COSTUME CABINETS AND THERMOFOIL DOORS.********************** -------------------------------------------------- FINISHING JOBS AND HAPPINES, REFERENCES: 1- CLICK HERE: Byron :954-446-4187 / 786-426-7035 / RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL // LICENSED & INSURED. Lic: #08BS00961
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