Candace Osgood

BEWARE DANGER: Candace Osgood is a danger to whoever she treats. She is very incompetent and will treat you with contempt if you challenge her. This woman almost got my disability claim denied. Thank goodness Candace contradicts herself in her own medical records, lol. This is how bright she isn’t, she put down that I contradicted myself and then she contradicts herself in writing. Can we say moron! She over medicates her patients to the point of putting them in serious jeopardy. Also this woman tells me that my sons death which was 7 months earlier I should be over because it’s been over 6 months. What kind of reality is a person in to make a comment as such. Very disturbing and alarming to say the least. Anyone who knows anything knows that a loss of this magnitude is never gotten over. Yes healing can and will occur however it’s a life sentence and her comment makes me shutter. Another fact is that this woman has checked herself into Good Shepard hospital more than once for mental disorders. This woman should never be able to practice medicine anywhere or in any form. Hopefully this will detour anyone from experiencing the horrific service CANDACE OSGOOD calls her medical practice.
Updated over a month ago