ROGERS TOYOTA is a very dishonest car dealership. Purchased a used unwrecked and inspected (their lies) vehicle for $40000. Right after I drive off the lot the engine light goes on. Several mechanic I’ve spoken with say it’s awful suspicious and they believe ROGERS TOYOTA scanned the computer cleared the codes and put it up for sale. Furthermore there are so many issues they all can’t be covered. Another very major deception from ROGERS TOYOTA is that they said they vehicle hadn’t been wrecked. Well you guessed it, several body shops have confirmed that the vehicle has been wrecked. Tried many many times to rectify the situation however the General Manager Glenn tried the standard car salesman tactics on me. This man leads from the top with dishonesty and no integrity. They will be investigated by the department of justice and I’m making sure that happens along with other campaigns I’m planning.
Updated over a month ago