Teaching how to create energies and do blessings.

I am what I call a Faithworker / Energyworker. I am opening doors and teaching individuals(one person each time of service) how to create limitless energies and do blessings. (Such as creating Holy Water for Example.) I will teach with bottles of water at West Valley High School Park(during the day and only during the day) Some of the energies I do are: Planet Energies, Feelings and Sensations, Color Energies, Chemical Energies, Ability Development Energy(which usually works long-term and is not instantaneous compared to many other energy-types/blessings), mind-altering energies, holistic related energies and the list keeps going on! WHAT YOU MUST HAVE FOR THIS TO WORK SUCCESSFULLY IS FAITH(Which is belief in the unseen). ...And I will open the door to this unknown ability and get you started for $100 per person and meeting. Once again, I will meet at West Valley High School Park for $100 cash up-front first. If you are interested, be sure you believe in the unseen. You can contact me by emailing derekgmiller1994@outlook.com or You can contact me by texting 9519770410