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Win your home Free and Clear EVEN if you are in Foreclosure Mortgages have ended up in trusts with investors all over the world and when foreclosure occurs the firm foreclosing cannot prove they have the legal right to foreclose. The Note and the Deed of Trust or Mortgage were separated. When no one can clearly prove they have the legal right to foreclose on a mortgage the home owner can ask the court for a Quiet Title. If the Quiet Title action is upheld then you have the home free and clear. Yes this is correct your home is free and clear! Many judges are now being presented with the evidence against the lenders to reveal the terrible things the banks have done to home owners. รข€“ Holmes & Galt can provide you with this evidence! You need to be able to provide this evidence in order to file this type of legal complaint We have found a firm that can take the needed findings and pursue the bank for you winning your home Free and Clear. Then they can continue to press for penalties for you from the bank. Please go here to learn much more free of charge: http:// ALERT: If you found us too late and Foreclosure or Short Sale is on your Credit Report and is blocking you from buying a home, then contact us and we can remove Foreclosure or Short Sales from your credit report. This is one of our specialties. Thank you for your time and interest.

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