Woman and Mom

I was an executive assistant for 9 years, and worked a variety of jobs before and during from customer service, hospitality and serving to child care. I'll be very frank and precise when I say I work hard, efficiently, with dilligence and dedication and so I parent and nurture the same way. I am a single woman who mothers a 1 year old and I do believe in a job where both may exist simaltaneously without sacrificing my work ethic nor output. This is something that sure, may not work in corporate America but we all have been born somehow and so being a mother is not a shameful or inappropriate role and neither would it be if I was a father. I have my own laptop as well as possess a canny curiousity and so being resourceful and creative are traits I apply in my life across the board. As a parent I just will say... even with day cares that literally cost you a quarter of your body if it was black marketed or something... there ARE horror stories with children being maltreated or with sitters neglecting or abusing children who cannot express or communicate and say they are. I am an advocate for the Mom/Dad full dedication to their children's well being movement and still stand for the right to work and work well. So I dont care that I am cleaning your entire residence or commercial property or creating flyers or brochures or personally assisting you in home, I will do so while I can at least get back on my feet fully and still remain nurturing and attentive to the only family I have here. My 1 Year old. If you are willing to see past the societal restriction that is ripping families apart, and you will be appropriate... then let us talk more in detail.
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