DVD NARUTO Part 2 TV Series Box set (Like New) FREE Shipping

Naruto Box set TV Series Part 2/Episodes:22~34 (3 Discs) Dialogue in Japanese with subtitle in English/Chinese Running Time : 13 x 25 Mins Story: In the past, a nine tailed fox demon attacked the hidden leaf village of ninja of fire. With the sacrifice of the 4th Hokage, he was defeated and sealed inside a newly born infant. That infant's name is Naruto. Now Naruto has grown up and about to graduate from the ninja school. But many people fear or dispise him because he carries the birthmark that seals the fox demon inside him. The story begins with Naruto's graduation exam and expands into a huge cast of different ninjas from students, teachers to those from other hidden village of water, air, earth and metal. Sale Price: $8.00 FREE shipping Prefer PayPal
Updated 29-May-2018
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