**Great Investment** 24 Brand New Artificial Christmas Trees CHEAP!!!

Every year Christmas starts sooner and sooner, so give yourself the gift of a great investment this Christmas!!! Twenty Four Store Packaged, Quality Artificial Trees Brand New and in the Box Retail price for them is $6,250 (clearly listed on box, $350 for 9 footers, $200 and $150 for 7 footers). Buy them all for $2,000!!! Great Investment for the Upcoming Christmas At this price even if you sold them at 50% off retail you will profit $1,125! And if sold for 25% off retail you profit almost $2,700!!! 24 Brand New in the store box, high quality, Pre-Lit, Fold up and easy store, Christmas Trees: 11- Nine foot, Clear or Multi Colored, 1000 Light Pre-Lit trees 13- Seven foot, Clear or Multi Colored, 600 Light Pre-Lit trees Ranging from 56 to 70 inches in diameter. Brand new from Garden Ridge store, these are not the fake looking, toilet bowl brush type artificial Christmas trees. These trees use resilient, flexible, rubber feeling needles that are cut into fine strands to resemble evergreen needles as the primary foliage, and the use of a traditional foliage type to block light and create a "full" look that resulting in an overall lifelike rendition (see picture). Additionally they use hinged branches for simple set-up and take-down. Unlike "hooked" branches where each individual branch needs to be hooked to the center pole, hinged branches are pre-attached to the center pole. During set-up/take-down, you simply pull down the branches that open/close like an umbrella. Finally every box includes a sturdy metal stand versus some flimsy plastic stand that does not last. And every tree comes brand new in its original box that even includes carrying handles to make carrying and storing easier. Don't sit around and think about this deal, because next month I am beginning to sell them individually!!!!!! ***Pictures shown are of store display models, the ones for sale are the same trees but brand new in the box. Text or Call 859-seven-9-seven five-6-five-1 ADVANTAGES OF HAVING AN ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE Before purchasing a Christmas tree this season consider the advantages of owning a modern artificial tree over a real one: • Cost: you are able to buy an artificial tree that will last many holiday seasons for the same price of a single large natural tree. • Security: today's artificial Christmas trees are made of flame retardant material, and therefore pose much less of a fire risk than real trees do. • Safety: there is no need to clean up dropped pine needles which can constitute a hazard when eaten by small children or pets. • Health: an alternative for those with allergies or asthma. Some people are allergic to terpene, the substance found in the oil or sap of pine or fir trees • Transportation: you don't have to go out anywhere to pick up a tree, tie it to the roof of your car, and drive it home. • Maintenance: no watering is necessary. • Convenience: pre-lit trees save time in assembly and take-down. Instead of having to dispose of the tree when Christmas is over, you simply pack it away until next year.