1999 HONDA VALKYRIE GL1520cc .....

*I have a 1999 Honda Valkyrie GL1520cc. Yellow & cream. The carburetors were just cleaned because I had in storage when I was Deployed on my 3rd tour to Iraq. I also replaced battery, starter switch, cockpit, inside of tank cleaned & coated, and new plugs. **In 2007 I put a LOWPRO tire yes car tire on rear it has 12000 miles on it and still looks new (THE DARK SIDE) LOVE IT rides great. I had it put on after going through so many bike tire when I returned from Iraq the 2nd time. I was doing a lot of traveling in USA. Took 2 years off to tour USA on the bike. ***A ratchet hit tank on right side and scraped the tank see on picture. Bike has always been parked or stored in a storage unit. ****I don't want bike setting again ... I am in Thailand now and will try this last time to sell if not I will ship to myself to ride here great weather. I am retired now from US Army National Guard. *****It has trailer hitch I built on it works great. I put 4" straight pipes and drilled rear baffles out. (NOT TO LOUD SOUND REAL GOOD). I HAVEN'T HAD ANY TROUBLE OUT OF IT AFTER I GOT OUT OF SHOP. BUT NOW IT IS SETTING AGAIN BROTHER-IN-LAW just started it last week and ran it for about 45min. MILES 51400 when it set I had in storage BUT I DIDN'T BUY IT TO SET..... REPAIRS or REPLACED 07/2011 BATTERY, FUEL TANK CLEANED AND COATING,CARBs CLEANED,FUEL PITCOCK REPLACED,CHROME STRAIGHT PIPES, REAR BAFFLES DRILLED OUT FRONT ONE STILL IN PLACE
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