Looking for a car mechanic on an as needed basis.....MUST be reliable

We are looking for a reliable mechanic to do some car repairs. We need of someone who will show up when they say they will, knows what they are doing and fix the problems quickly and correctly. You don't have to be a certified mechanic but just be able to do the job and do it right. For someone who can do the work for a reasonable price, this would be extra money on the side. If you charge what a garage will, I may as well take it to a garage. We need someone who will work for a reasonable amount and can be depended on and available for future repairs. We would like to find someone we can rely on for the long term. You may have to fix them at our location so you have to have the necessary tools to do work on-site. Call, text or e-mail Bob at: (717) 586-1740 beAST8161@gmail.com