Room for Rent in my Single Family Home, located in Hagerstown, MD in Fairway Meadows, very close to Meritus Hospital and HCC College! House is up for sale, so ONLY renting month to month until house sells! Responsible, and clean roommate, that does not smoke indoor, nor do drugs and/or party. Please, reliable transportation a must! MALE ROOMATE ONLY! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Middle aged women with one son age 21 living with me, and two indoor cats, very clean. I have one unfurnished room available to rent with a full bath in hallway/to Share. Rent is $450 a month, no security deposit required! Only except cash, money due for rent move in date, and that date every month after. Includes ALL utilities, including WIFI Internet, Direct TV,Washer/Dryer Usage,) and Full Kitchen Privileges. No indoor guest permitted. References are required, I will do my own backround check. Thanks, Melanie 301-730-8050 or MTalkin@aol.com
Updated 11-Sep-2018