In home child care

Hello friends, parents, aunts, uncles, & so many more of Greenwood and the surrounding area. I am in the process of getting together clientelle to start a childcare business. I live in a smoke free and animal free home. Please share and pass this on to your friends who have children as well! I offer very reasonable rates, and flexible hours.           Unfortunately, there are too many young children in the world, whom are not loved, nourished, come from a tough home life, are being abused in some form, or the parents are going through tough times financially, or maybe they work all of the time.            Every child should have a place where they feel safe, loved, & well taken care of. There aren't too many daycares out there that I feel do so. I would like to change this one kid at a time.          P. S. You will have to bring diapers, formula, breast milk, and a couple of changes of clothes. We will provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack. As well as activities and possible field trips! I hope this takes off & I cant wait to make this happen!!! Plaese help me by getting customers, and making my dream come true. If you refer someone, I will give you 20% off of your first week!!!  Make sure you share the satus please and thank you! You can contact me at anwtrainerlife@gmail.com.
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