Trustable, Reliable, Professional, The Little Helpers Cleaning Service is here!

The Little Helpers Cleaning Service My name is Samantha Little, my little business is small but it does big work. Do you have a dirty house, do you have kids, a job, a million and one things to do and on top of all of that clean? Do you want to come home to your sanctuary and be able to relax? Already have your dishes done, trash taken out, laundry washed and put away, and so on? Well I have the hard work to make it happen. So this is where I come in to offer my services. Also do you have trouble finding people who do EVERYTHING? Yeah me too! So what I am saying is if you want it done, no questions asked we cover everything and we do not charge extra. We clean houses, apartments, condos, office spaces, you name it we're here for you! We do move in/out specials, we do spring cleaning, We work 7 days a week, for the exception of major holidays. Home Kitchen and Eating Area General Dusting and Cleaning Window ledges Sliding glass door Counter tops Microwave interior Top and hood of range Facings of all appliances
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