Yamah P80 keyboard, music stand, keyboard stand, bench, sustain pedal, and amplifier (Crate KX-15). Works well, but if the volume is up too high, the sound cuts out until the cord between the keyboard and amp is unplugged and replugged. I think the problem is with the connection between the cord and the keyboard. Selling because we bought a piano.
For sale is a 2007 Epiphone Thunderbird Bass!I have literally only used for 6 shows in 2011, then put away. I am the only owner of this bass, and it's still in great shape!Sold as shown. No amps, no heads, no pedals, no case, no strap, no cables, no picks.. just the bass!I am asking $200. The price is NOT negotiable! * * * * * * * * * * Serious inquiries only please, I'm NOT dropping the price,...
Snare drum, bells, sticks, stand, instructions and case! In excellent condition!
Come check us out at 1207 Main Street here in Great Bend. We are an Orange Amplification dealer, and also carry Guitars, Basses, Live Performance Gear, Orchestra and Band Instruments, and offer repair services. Come in or give us a call at 620-796-2335 or email at sales@a440greatbend.com

Taylor 310

Acoustic electric in excellent shape. New 1500-1800 message me here for questions Serial number says this was the 6th guitar made on May 20th 2004. Shoot me an offer !


Steinberger 4 string electric bass guitar, leave message.
Have an absolutely (new) Crampon Buffet Oboe. This is THE intermediate Oboe, all wood, not the plastic student model. Bought from Matthew's Muziek in Amsterdam as a present to my wife. She never took an interest in it, so lets try to find someone that can enjoy it. You wouldn't be disappointed. Had Oboe appraised and graded at Great Bend earlier in September. Appraiser there told me that it was...
We have a Gulbransen Equinox 280 Organ for sale. The unit is in excelent condition. Has not been used in 20 years. We will consider any reasonable offer.