I WORK! I do just about anything. You need work done, then give me a call!

Hi! My name is Donald Blankenship. I have a wide variety of skill and experience. I can do and have done everything from computer repair to construction. I have skills in all phases of construction. I am a painter and tape/floater by trade but have no problem with doing most anything else. I have done flooring of all kinds, trim work, small frame work, minor plumbing, minor electrical. I have installed cabinetry, sinks and bathtubs. I can and will do all types of yard work, lot clearing, and any other landscaping including sidewalks and stone walls. I can help knock out those to-do lists even if it is as simple as hanging curtains or changing light bulbs. I can and will do minor automotive repair. I build and repair computers and operating systems. I can build a computer for you cheaper than you can buy one. I have a very strong work ethic and don't quit till the job is done. ALL work is satisfaction guaranteed. I WILL redo something over and over at no cost to you until you are satisfied. I do have a two(2) hour minimum. This is because I do work very hard and a lot of times can get the work done in a small amount of time. All hours are rounded up, within reason. If you think I can help you give me a call at 817-736-5887. Thank you in advance for your interest in my services.
Updated 11-Nov-2012
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