Exercise Role Player

Apply at: https://theapplicantmanager.com/jobs?pos=OT993 JOB DESCRIPTION: Role players provide students the opportunity to apply learned concepts and experience that will prepare them for the situations they will face in the line of duty. You will be required to portray characters, memorize background and exercise-critical information for multiple characters, and be able to take feedback and adjust your performance to best support the instructors and the students. You will be required to support many different types of training. You will typically be required to report for your assigned roles anywhere between 6:30 AM and 6:00 PM, and each role normally lasts two to four hours, though some may last more than 8 hours and run as late as midnight. DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES: Successfully adopt a fictional persona, supplied by OTA, and participate in interviews. Simulate various activities during which you will be required to jump, run, crouch, bend, reach, handle lightweight props, lay on the ground, kneel, and stand from a kneeling position. In controlled settings, permit physical searches of your person by students of the same and the opposite gender.
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