*BUYER BEWARE* Gladstone Toyota in Oregon (My opinion-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM)

In my opinion, my wife and I were first lied to by the Finance manager at Gladstone Toyota. In my opinion, the finance manager manipulated us into signing a contract by lying. After finding out that Gladstone prices were much higher than Wilsonville Toyota, I went back to Gladstone Toyota and told them that I did not want to go through with the sale. I never drove the Rav4 off the lot nor was the Rav4 even put into my name yet. When I went back, I spoke to a manager about stopping the sale. The manager told me that the car was already in my name and it was mine and I could do nothing about it. He then went on to explain that I could sale the car back to him for a lower price. I told him that I would be back with my lawyer. I also had given a check when I first signed the papers for $5,000 down, which had already been deposited. So I came back to Gladstone Toyota on 6/30/2011 to talk to another manager. I brought my adviser with me to talk to him. The sales managers first line was, this car is yours and your name is on the contract. I asked if he could show good customer service and get me out of my contract and give me back my $5000 dollar down payment. His response was, there is no stopping the contract now, it's gone too far, your name is already on the DMV papers. I explained to the sales manager that I had done some research of my own and called DMV. Not only was my name NOT on the DMV papers but I also put a stop on the paperwork going through. (I should add that the sales managers only excuse for not breaking the contract was, since the car was in my name, it lost its value like I drove it off the lot.) After a long exhausting hour and a half of fighting to get back my down payment, I asked the sales manager what it would take to make him happy and get me out of my contract. He told me that he felt sorry for the employees not making the commission on the car along with a sunroof that was installed. He would break the contract if they could keep $2500 of my down payment. He made me so angry at his comment; I got up to leave and told him we would be back with the media on this one. As I was leaving, I told him maybe if he was reasonable and said a $1000 I might think about it. The sales manager stopped me and said I can see if I can do that. After another five minutes, he came back and said it was a deal. The moral of the story is, I got nothing from Gladstone Toyota and lost a $1000 dollars of me and my wife’s hard earned money. I should also add, it takes me four months to save a $1000 dollars but in my opinion I guess Gladstone Toyota must need it more than I do. IN MY OPINION, DO NOT SHOP AT GLADSTONE TOYOTA!!!
Updated 2-Jul-2011
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