Hip Hop Dance Lessons

So you are ready to learn to dance ? Not sure who to learn from ? Here is a common sense advice. Test out your instructors. You test drive a car before you buy it, why not test out your instructor first. I believe all real dance instructors will give the first lesson free of charge. Don't be afraid to ask your instructor tough questions. Ask important questions that will help you in your pursue of dance. Here are some suggestions : 1) Can I see you dance in front of me if I play any song that I like ? 2) What are the fundamentals that you teach in your class ? 3) How did you learn to dance ? There are no dumb questions. Ask anything you are not certain of. Good instructors will be happy that you asked. As a student of dance, decide for yourself if this instructor can really offer you what you are looking for. Not every instructor is for everyone, just as not every car is for everyone. So hopefully, you first have a good idea of what you are looking for in your pursue of dance. Once you find the instructor of your choice, you are now ready to enjoy the fruits of dance. If you are in the south bay, feel free to look me up. Check me out on YELP.com under "Dance With Ceech". My facebook page is facebook . com / dancewithceech Call or text me at 408-657-3771. The author of this post has the following experience : ~ Over 15 years of none stop dancing and teaching experience ~ Inducted to the Electric Boogaloos Family in 1999 ~ Inducted to the Battlefest Hall of Fame in 2007 ~ Dancer/Choreographer of the Jedi/Mindtricks/Jabbawockeez Family ~ Dancer/Choreographer of the Nike's Hip Hop Culture Shock Family ~ Dancer/Choreographer of the DS Players ~ Dance Instructor at Mission College/West Valley
Updated 21-Aug-2013
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