Disabled Veteran, Lives in Gilroy, car was stolen 2 days ago, I need to buy a car ASAP

HELLO, I AM A DISABLED ARMY VETERAN AND I LIVE IN GILROY. Two days ago while shopping at the Westgate Mall, 3 guys broke into my car and sawed off the club I had on the steering wheel and as I was screaming and running for them to stop they got it started and peeled away. My Service Dog and I were left stranded in the hot heat with no phone, as I forgot it tucked away in my glove box out of view and charging, so the stress of the situation caused me to have a panic attack which then triggered a seizure, as I suffer from PTSD & Seizure Disorder related to my Traumatic Brain Injury I have from my time in Service. Luckily my Service Dog WAS WITH ME and he knew just what to do, as I was pretty much hyperventillating from the panic attack he is trained to aggressively paw at me until I sit down so that way if I have a seizure I don't completely fall and hit my head from a standing position. Luckily this happened where there were good samaritins around as the last thing I remember is him making me sit down and the next time I woke up the ambulance was there and I was very confused. A lady told me that my dog pulled the cord from his service dog vest which then makes a card come out that says "HELP, MY MOM IS HAVING A SEIZURE PLEASE CALL 9-1-1 and then on the back of the card it has all of my info and instructions on how to help me until help arrives. Anyways, my point is not to tell my whole life story here, but really, I'm an honest person and I just need to buy a car from someone who is not going to scam me or rip me off as I am female, and my car knowledge is not the best. I have a reasonable amount of money to buy a car, Please reply if you either have a car for sale or know of anyone that you can refer me to. I would very much appreciate any help! Thank you everyone!
Updated 11-Sep-2018