9-Dec-2018Hyde Park, AZ+22 milesBirds for Adoption
Hi we have this cherishing African dark and she is prepared for new homes .she is refreshed on her antibodies and will accompany all her stuff and extras .for more data please message just 4136598686 and accessible male and female. Ad number: #393876938 Contact: john Phone: 4136598686 City: Scottsdale Zip: 85254 Price: $500
Show condition Call duck, very senior 12-year-old, blind, has received cataract surgery; inseparably bonded to Calls Lenny, Squiggy & Fuzz Man
Flock of twelve ducks: 1 Buff drake, two Khaki Campbell hen, three Cayuga mixture hens, one speckled Cayuga hen,1 Magpie hen & four juveniles.
9-year-old Royal Palm tom, my best buddy, suffers from arthritis from a broken toe so requires Rx
10-year-old spotted Australian, rare breed, vulnerable bird that tends to get mauled by the males so must be segregated
Very rare bantam Silkie drake from Holderreads Hatchery. Inseparably bonded to Squeaky, Lenny & Squiggy. 10-years-old
Pekin / Runner mixture drake I saved from certain death when he was just hours old
14-year-old blind Call drake w/angel wing. Inseparably bonded to Calls Squeaky, Lenny & Fuzz Man. Had undergone surgery for phallus prostration.
6 expensive, exotic / migratory ducks, were taken without the proper permits (which I had) which amounts to a federal offense
Trio of lavender ducks, 2 males, one female w/blind eye who is extremely vulnerable to any males other than her own - can go w/ the four pack of seniors