Spinal Decompression - Lower Back Pain/Sciatica - Chiropractor - Germantown

Similar to cervical decompression, spinal decompression involves non-surgical techniques to relieve lower back pain such as the lumbar, or sciatica. Back pain is now rated the fifth most common reason people visit a doctor. They may choose to visit family doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture specialists, physical therapists and more, but they are all seeking the same thing – relief from back pain. A long list of conditions can cause lower back pain including stress, weight, work related issues, a fall, or an accident. Finding the right doctor and the appropriate technique that will work for them can be challenging. http://www.woottonclinic.com/spinal-decompression-lower-back-pain-sciatica/index.html
Updated 19-Mar-2014
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