International Harvester Shop Manual IH-32, Series 706, 756, , 1256, 1456, 2706, 2756, 2806, 2856, 21206, 21256, 21456, some marks on cover, sold as is, nice handy manual.
International Harvester Shop Manual IH-10 for series 300, 300 utility, 350, 350 utility, 350D, 350D utility, 400, 400D, W400, W400D, 450, 450D, W450, W450D, cover soiled, inside information easy to read, some marks on pages, sold as is, handy shop manual.
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McCormick Nos. 55-T and 55-W Balers Setting up instructions, International Harvester Company, cover binding is loose and split up side, pages 1-30 intact, title page if there was one is missing, some marks, rubs, small tears, sold as is, also included is Operators Manual and setting up instructions for Power Take-Off Drive Unit 659 777 R91 for McCormick Nos. 55-T and 55-W Balers, some writing, ...