Labeled 'holiday' card holder, but this can be used all year around for cards and photos, on shelves, dressers, fireplace mantel, etc. Includes two 24" white photo blocks (which can probably be painted). NEW in box, never been used.
My husband made the street sign and pole. Weight and sign not include. Other things in photo are also not included. Just the street sign holder and the birthday sign in the back with the streamers. We used this as a prop for pictures and it was SO cute. I still have a few stick on alphabets for the sign, none of the streamers are torn. You would have to make your own sign to hang.
Brand New, Never Used. From Design Trend s Natural Fiber Collection, this stunningly large basket creates a beautiful space for raw willow and paper rope to interact. Willow branches are handwoven together to create the flat base and spacious basin with its diagonal braid. Thinly wound and died paper rope winds around the top edge of the basket, finishing it with the perfect blend of dark and l...
NEW Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside single wick candle. Burn time is equivalent to the large 3-wick candles.
NEW Bath & Body Works Iced Vanilla Woods single wick candle with essential oils. Burn time is equivalent to the large 3-wick candles.
Excellent condition! About 20.5 inches tall! Porch pick up
Great condition! About 8.5 inches tall 6 ish inches wide. Porch pick up
This is too cute for Halloween food goodies. Just make some scary food and don't forget to write something spooky!