Let's Make Your PC, Personal

Are you considering a new computer, but have no idea where to start? Maybe you have an idea, or want an upgrade, just do not know which over-priced parts you need. That is why I would like to help build the best computer for you. The websites designed to help customize a computer for you all have limited selections and more than 100% mark-ups on parts. You are most likely to end up with an expensive machine that is not even capable of performing the tasks you wanted it to do in the first place. And you know, for a "personal computer", doesn't seem to personalized to me. I want to offer you that real personalized computer you want, all while focusing on keeping costs as low as possible. You discuss with me what all you would like your computer to do, while I design a basic blueprint of your machine. Once we have all the details worked out, I will begin to search the market for all the best products at all the best prices. After we have discussed more on the final product, I will order the parts. Once the hardware is received and assembled, I can also install an Operating System and any other software discussed. Then all that is left is delivery to you, whether USPS, pick-up, or personal delivery. What ever works best for you, we can discuss it all. As I stated earlier, most PC building sites double the price of the parts they offer, at best. After finding all the best parts for your perfect computer at the best prices, all I ask is for 10% of the total cost for labor. The customization process and discussions are free. Only once you are satisfied with the costs and ready for you computer, then we will order the parts. And please, if this does not sound like something for you, but maybe you know someone looking for that perfect computer, send them a link and let them know I would like to help. Thank you.
Updated 24-Jun-2018
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