TAYLOR 814CE Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Acoustic 814CE Cutaway these sell for between $3000 and $4200 new..... Very little (if any) Fret wear... SOUNDS and PLAYS like a TAYLOR.... AMAZING whether played acoustic or plugged in! the pickup system is Taylor's patented "Expression System" Easy battery change (shown below)... allows you to change the battery without taking the strings off of loosening them. On this guitar you simply pop them out at the bottom of the guitar. Takes two AA batteries ... less expensive than a 9volt :-) This particular guitar has a Unique Gold Color Wood on top (most of these have the whiter looking wood). Awesome Guitar.... This is the High End Model that Taylor makes. There is a reason why you see most professional musicians playing Taylors.... (it's because they are the BEST guitars in the world). If you'd heard or played one then you already know this ;-) asking $2750 Comes with Taylor Custom Leather Guitar Case
Updated 4-Dec-2012
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