************ Digitech "Vocalist Live 4" Harmonizer and Effects processor

For SALE : Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Automatic Vocal Harmony or Harmonizer machine. This basically gives you immediate backup vocals in 3rd or 5th or both... This has a MULTITUDE of options, features and abilities. If you are playing Acoustic Gigs by yourself and need harmony ... this WILL solve your problems. If your in a band where no one sings backup vocals... this WILL solve your problems. You don't have to bend over and set it to whatever key the song your singing is in... You simply plug your instrument and microphone into it.. play and sing and the "magic" happens! The Vocalist Live 4 will instantaneously figure what key your playing your instrument in and adjust accordingly to provide immediate HARMONY when you start to sing. It also has a full effects unit for Vocals including Reverb, Delay, Compression, etc... It also has Guitar Effects on it as well... TRULY ans Amazing Piece of Equipment!! I bought it NEW for $500 Im asking $375 for it (comes with Power Cord and manual) Here are the feature I copied and pasted ... to give you a more detailed description of it. Features 3- or 4-part vocal harmony with no programming Groundbreaking musIQ technology do the rest Selectable voicing: unison, 3rd, 5th-above or below your lead vocal Built-in mixer with Vocal, Harmony and Guitar level controls Pitch correction with four adjustable parameters Guitar Reverb and Chorus with four adjustable parameters Vocal enhancement effects matrix lets you adjust up to five parameters of Preamp, Compressor/Gate, EQ, Lead Effects, Harmony, Reverb, Echo Delay and Guitar effects Store and recall up to 50 User presets; and select from 50 Factory presets 2+10-character LED display Major/Minor and Key Change Up/Down buttons with LED display Harmony, Effects and Preset Up/Down pedals On-board guitar tuner XLR mic/line input with level adjustment, low-noise high-headroom preamp and 48V phantom power 1/4" guitar input, 1/4" guitar pass-through and Guitar Ground Lift switch 1/4" line input and 1⁄8" AUX input for CD or MP3 players 1⁄8" headphone jack Stereo 1/4" line out and balanced stereo XLR line outs Stereo/mono output selector Road-rugged, all-metal chassis Power supply and Manual included
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