NOT SOB STORY: Family of 8 looking for free mobile home.

I am called Lalah (short for Nailah). I have been homeless nearly 34 years of my life. After spending 14 years in group homes (45 "homes" in 14 years), at 18 I was dumped on the streets of San Francisco. I have been battling homelessness, unfair and poor housing conditions since 1998. I have been attempting to find stable housing for 20 years now. I have been homeless 9 times in the past 16 years, anywhere from 2 - 30 months. In spite being disabled I am a hard worker, I started a business to support my family in 2009, as had my husband, in 2013. We are NOT lazy and we are NOT looking for a cheap and easy hand out. We are trying to give stability and a future to our children. My husband and I have several incomes and still cannot secure fair and adequate housing. We are looking for a free Handyman Special, mobile home to relocate to a patch of land we own that has no dwellings on it. We, my husband, myself and our 6 children(3 special needs sons, 3 daughters) recently spent 18 months homeless only to end up renting from yet another irresponsible land lord. (Our last rental was so poorly maintained, by its owner, we had no choice but to vacate after spending nearly $10,000 ATTEMPTING to keep it livable.) This event is the catalyst for this post. We're going to pay for the relocation of the unit, we're not looking for a hand out but a way out of this nightmare and into our Dream. If you have a unit that you aren't using/ don't want and are located in Colorado or within 100 miles of Canon City, Co. , please contact me, 561.351.9946cl, or *We are currently in Ohio but are heading west. We will have the unit moved long before we arrive.
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