HOT BUY! Colorado, or anywhere - 1 to 5 Micro-Market Vending Systems***

For Sale: Re-define the Vending Industry with 1 to 5 Micro-Market Vending Systems for New Start-up, or to Expand Existing Vending Business. ALL NEW AND IN ORIGINAL SHIPPING CONTAINERS! These Micro-Market Systems are ideal and the only ones for placement in company breakrooms with 20-100 employees. Micro-Markets are booming throughout the US! Expansion opportunity is STAGGERING! High Tech and Cashless! PROFITS ARE AT AN ALL TIME HIGH WITH A POTENTIAL GROSS OF $150-$200K+ Consisting of the following: • 5 Payment Processing Systems, with Bluetooth Devices and Apps. (Eliminates wait times!) • 5 Sets of Large MVP Kool-It KGM-13 Glass Front Cooler* (23"x23"x76"H; 5 shelves, Interior LED lighting and signage) and Commercial Steel Snack Racks (24"x24"x72"H; 4 Sloping Baskets, 2 Flat Grid Shelves).
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