Dr. Cell Phone in Frisco will buy your iPhone today!

Do you have old or broken iPhones sitting in the back of your drawer taking unwanted space? Or do you have a broken cell phone and hate looking at it because you feel like you can’t do anything with it? Sell your used iPhone 4/4S/5 to Dr. Cell Phone. Dr. Cell Phone will buy your unwanted iPhones no matter how old or broken! We give you cash for your used, old and broken iPhones. Maybe you’re tired of your current iPhone and wish to sell it and get some cash to use towards a new cell phone? Turn your unwanted iPhones into cash, today! We are located in Dallas, TX and we can give you your cash today. Dr. Cell phone pays lots of cash for iPhones. Come and get cash for your used, broken, and unwanted iPhones today. Call for more information: 972-755-4582 www.drcellphone.com Frisco 2693 Preston Rd #1010 Frisco, Texas 75034 We are open from MON-FRI: 10AM-6PM SAT-10AM-5PM SUN-12-4 Tags buy iphone sell phone, buy iphone 3, buy iphone 4, buy iphone 4S, buy iphone 5, buy phone, buy broken iphone, sell iphone, apple, buy iphone, buy used iphone
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