Vintage Decals Sticker`s,All Different

1-henry-$1.00 2-smith/wesson 6"$1.00 3-smith/wesson 4 3/8"- $1.00 4-vietnam/i served--$10.00 5-irq i served-$1.00 6-afg i served-$1.00 7-califorina waterfowl ass-4"-$1.00 8-springfield armory-$1.00 9-join the army,travel exotic,distant lands,meet exciting,unusual people and kill them,bumper sticker-$10.00 10-winchester-horse and rider firearms-$1.00 11-winchester ammunition-$1.00 vintage charter arms 3"-$3.00 13-vintage charter arms dealer 6 1/2"-$3.00 14-vintage charter arms 4"-$3.00 15-big mouth fish-$1.00 16-deer/buck 9 points-$1.00 17-gear aid skull buck or deer-$1.00 18-goatworthy-$1.00 19-ruger return shipping sticker,black and yellow-$1.00 20-1980-nra freedom vote-$1.00 21-mossberg -oval-$1.00 22-i am the nra and i vote-$1.00 23-smokey says please only you can prevent wildfires-3"-$5.00 24-north american hunting club official *member-$1.00 25-offical member north american fishing club-$1.00 26-united states coast guard chrome/blue-$1.00 27-north american hunting club charter member-$1.00 28-black cloud steel drops duck`s like rain-$1.00 29-calif,rifle/pistol association gun`s save lives-$3.00 30-hi viz sights-$1.00 31-united states coast guard-$1.00 32-benchmade knives-$1.00 33-north american fishing club-$1.00 34-national rifle association-$1.00 35-vintage welcome home vietnam veterans of america-$10.00 36-1991-JPFO-all in favor of gun control raise your right hand-$10.00 37-rare-ruger if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns-bumper sticker-$10.00 38-1991 support our troops-bumper sticker-$1.00 39-1991 use a patriot kill a scud-bumper sticker-$1.00 40-it`s more than gun`s it`s freedom-bumper sticker-$1.00 41- mossberg long-$1.00 0-2019 supporter respect honor remember police-$ 1-1995-clovis rodeo bumper sticker-$2.00 2-2009-clovis rodeo bumper sticker-$2.00 3-2008 career politicians termlimits-bumper sticker-$1.00 4-oakland raiders bumper sticker-$1.00 5-s/f 49ers bumper sticker-$1.00 6-reverse american flag shows we are mad citizens-$2.00 7-no farms no food-$1.00 8-american flag correct-$ 9-stop Hillary-$2.00 10-united states united people bank/america-$2.00 11-yellowstone or bust-$1.00 12-take back america-$1.00 13-oakland athletics/pepsi-$1.00 14-not i but christ-$2.00 15-9 smiling face saw blades-$1.00 16-table mountain hungry well chip in for a meal-$1.00 17-boycott-$1.00 18-payable on death music-$1.00 19-no sniveling-$2.00 20-go pro be a hero-$1.00 21-90.3 fm kfno family radio/sound of new life-$2.00 22-Alex Jones and the Infowars -$2.00 23-yes we cannabis-$5.00 24-compleat hemp bombs relaxation-$2.00 25-1995-thc confederate flag with marijuana leafs in cross x-$10.00 1-powdermaster starters-$1.00 2-xs power-$1.00 3-old style indian moto cycle-$3.00 4-hot rod nostalgia-$1.00 5-O`reilly auto parts nascar-$1.00 6-nascar number 24 car sticker-$1.00 7-true american iron/fresno,ca-$1.00 8-johnnys muffler fresno yellow-$1.00 9-helmet laws suck-$2.00 10-racer`s prayer-$5.00 11-Ederlbrock-$1.00 12-coker tire-$1.00 13-honda performance-$1.00 14-AAA insurance-$1.00 15-2008-h/d-screw it lets ride-$1.00 16-h/d-1-red white blue-roll your own-$1.00 17-h/d red-white-blue-roll your own-$1.00 18-h/d black-white-yellow-orange-roll your own-$3.00 19-h/d-highway *runaways-$5.00 20-black roll you own-$1.00 21-good sam club-member-$1.00 22-no fear white and black-$1.00 23-no fear red-white-black-$1.00 24-painless performance products-$1.00 559-264-0085
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